Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday, the 13th

"Holdin' on Together," by Phoenix, from Alphabetical

I just realized last night that today is a Friday "the 13th." Woooooooo. Scary. My mom, who is a nurse, has always had theories that Fridays the 13th and nights with full moons cause all kinds of crazy things, including high volumes of babies being delivered, weird accidents, and the like. Doesn't make sense for someone who is pretty darn religious, but then again, religion doesn't make much sense anyway.

So this morning, I woke up to "Holdin' On Together" by Phoenix. Any rhyme or reason to this? I'm disturbed because yesterday, I woke up to yet another song from "Music from the O.C., Volume 4" (hence, no post). I think I need to stop listening to that particular album on Rhapsody. Are ya'll familiar with Rhapsody? It's this online music service that allows you to stream music live via playlists, album collections, and radio stations that you can custom design to your liking. It's a great service for someone like me, who sits in an office and writes all day long, but is impractical for people who can't stream for hours at a time. Also very professional when people walk in and I'm rocking out to Prince or Marvin Gaye. It allows you to sample albums and music before you buy CDs or download them onto iTunes. Anyway, I'm obsessed. Rhapsody is trying desperately to compete with iTunes, but not with much success, I imagine.

This morning I actually started getting excited for my first race this season, in Galena! It's going to kick my ass but it'll be fun to experience the adrenaline and just the whole ooh-aah of a race. These races are like obstacle courses or cool playgrounds that made my heart race when I was a kid (even though I suck).

And yes, I'm aware that I'm trying to avoid the banal and yet I've talked thus far about things like music I wake up to and Friday the 13th. I'll try to break it down and get all phy-lo-so-fi-cal for ya'll.


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