Monday, May 16, 2005

Worn Me Down

The title's purpose is two-fold: (1) "Worn Me Down," by Rachel Yamagata, from Happenstance is the song of the day; and (2) I feel, well, worn down!

I'm sulky and crabby today, so I won't say much. It's Monday, so that seems appropriate. I had a decent weekend, a great concert, a couple of parties, some strolling (highly underrated), and a nice, long ride on my bike with some friends, so I don't know what my problem is. It was the first time on my bike this season (yeah, yeah, I know), and I forgot how much fun it is! It can feel treacherous, particularly when you are riding next to drivers that feel the need to assert their superiority over a measly biker, but overall, quite thrilling! I was also glad because I don't feel sore today despite the length of our ride, and also because my bike is still working well despite that it collected dust over the long winter.

However, I've contracted this irritating cough that could get worse and I'm pissed. I've been on the cusp of sickness twice in the last couple of months. What the f&$@?!

Bleah. Nothing else to say.


Blogger skitbraviking said...

Watch out folks, she's feeling as mortal as I. Sickness... what's next?

8:36 PM CDT  

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