Monday, April 30, 2007

Small World

Well, ya'll knew I just had to do a follow-up post on what I hate about the spring/summer.

-- Phrases like "Get your grill on" or using the term "grill" to describe an event or phenomenon. I MEAN. Cajun Boy had a brilliant post on the same idea as applied to "brunch." What's wrong with "lunch" or "breakfast?" And when did it become okay to show up in public places unshowered? Sorry, I digress.

-- Cubs games, when I am not attending. All of Ashland Ave., and pretty much anything in the vicinityof Clark and Waveland become a total clusterfuck.

-- Drunken, smelly, disgusting Cubs fans going to or from Cubs games.

-- Similar to No. 1, excessive use of terms like "beer garden." This is one of these words that people like to say over and over again to attach some kind of cultural relevance to themselves. They actually succeed in looking like complete tools. See also, "edamame," "guac," "Fat Tire," and of course, "brunch." FUCK OFF.

-- Having to take two showers a day. At this point though, I welcome the heat with open arms.

I can't even believe this, but I actually have a sunburn. Yes, the yellow girl who tans within ten minutes of being near the sun has a sunburn. Well duh, that's what happens when you stand outside in a tank top with no sunblock on in the middle of center field for 90 minutes.

I'm soooo unmotivated to work right now. It's timesheet time, and the same vow to never again wait until the end of the month to do timesheets is going through my mind. Hence, boring you people.

This is unrelated, but not speaking of douchebags, I just have to, HAVE TO get my hands on some of these. Brilliant.

I was hesitant to post this, as I am purportedly an upstanding paper pusher, but I can't stand how unbelievable the coincidence is and I just feel the need to share. Plus, J is pretty much the only person who reads this, and she knows. I found myself in MY OLD APARTMENT on Friday night. Not the same building, people. SAME UNIT. I mean, what are the chances? WHAT ARE THE CHANCES? Thousands of apartments in our great (well) city, and I end up in the one I lived in for two years. That was definitely a first. Completely surreal. My old bathroom, my old living room, my old kitchen. And with J (the other J), which we found totally hysterical and could not stop laughing.

Mature, I know. I said I was regressing!

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