Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Can You Dig It, Fool?

I have no idea why, but "Whoop There It Is" is stuck in my head.

This morning on the el, I was giggling uncontrollably thinking about this and the e-mail exchange between some work colleagues and me about "jizz and puke." I guess you had to be there, but there's nothing like reading the phrase "jizz and puke" on your BlackBerry that makes you laugh uncontrollably. Especially more so if you are a mature professional like me.

I am so unbelievably bored and unmotivated right now. I have fairly massive amounts of work to do, and no desire to do it. It may have something to do with staying up until a million o'clock yesterday and not sleeping well. My brain is in that weird stage where I almost feel like I'm floating and dreaming. This is another reason why, in addition to the lack of desire to, I am not a good candidate to have children. It seems from what I hear that parents get no sleep on a fairly regular basis.

So, let's see. I think of myself as a moral person, and I try to adhere to those morals even though they are antithetical to my desires. But this article, from The Washington Post, got me thinking that I tell a lot of fucking lies on pretty much a daily basis. From the very mundane ("I'm great!") to not so mundane ("I'm almost done with this assignment") to downright lies ("I'm looking forward to it!" or "I can't, I'm busy that night") to lies by omission ("I'm going out to dinner [with my love interest]"). Of course, as the article points out, are harmless lies that are meant to allow us to move through society and social situations as seamlessly as possible, that bad a thing? Certainly, they're not immoral. In trying to be as honest as possible, I have gotten myself into trouble in the past. But being as honest as possible is very much a purposeful characteristic on my part. I feel that, within reason, to be less than honest to a person who wants to know your opinion, is disrespectful to that person. I'd be really fucking insulted and pissed off if I asked for or otherwise indicated that I desired another's opinion and discovered that they were not honest with me to spare my feelings or some such garbage. (1) You clearly do not respect me or think I am rational and mature enough to know how to evaluate the truth and (2) You're a fucking liar! By extension, if I find myself holding back or not being 100% truthful to a person about the important things, I must conclude that I really do not respect that person or his or her ability to be rational and mature and decipher the truth. In lying to spare their feelings or avoid a confrontation, you are assuming that the person, if I may quote Jack Nicholson's Colonel Jessup, can't handle the truth. But you know, sometimes, they can't.

I really, really hate liars. I've mentioned that before, I realize.

Anyway. Enough musing for now. I'm going to New York this weekend and am very excited. This will probably be my last trip for a while (I mean, twice in one month is a little ridiculous). I may venture to Brooklyn this time, and S. managed to finagle tickets to Saturday Night Live (The Arcade Fire!!!), so I am very, very excited about that, even though My Boyfriend Justin Timberlake isn't the host. Look for the Asian girl with the big, goofy grin on her face!


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