Tuesday, May 17, 2005


No song today. No, today I woke up to the word "Newsweek" on NPR this morning and I immediately entered a fit of rage. Does anyone see the hypocrisy here? Anyone? The Pentagon is up in arms at Newsweek about their report that some soldiers threw the Koran down the toilet to extract confessions from prisoners at Guantanamo. OK, OK. I'm a big fan of journalistic integrity, and Newsweek did wrong. HOWEVER, the f*&#ing Bush administration, so pompous, so self-righteous, so smug, is outraged and has demanded a retraction because it blames Newsweek for the riots that broke out in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

UMMMMMMMM...OK, but it's perfectly all right to have female soldiers dress in miniskirts and tight shirts and inappropriately touch devout Muslim men, beat them, strip them, make them simulate masturbation, let's see, lock them up for up to three years with no explanation, no lawyer, no contact with family or the outside world, what else, OH YES, enter into a f&*#ing war on the basis of lies (yellowcake, WMDs, Saddam = Osama, anyone?). That's OK?!?!?! And of course Newsweek, like CBS, like everyone else, just rolls over. Oh sure, the New York Times will probably pick up on this blatant hypocrisy, but like that's going to reach anyone beyond the 5% of the population that is already outraged and helpless.

Yes, I'm still crabby.

BUT, 2 more days until "Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith" comes out. Huh, huh?


Blogger skitbraviking said...

Glad to see that the little things can serve as some pleasure and distraction despite the stupid big things. Afterall, if you're going to get mad a hypocracy, then you're going to spend a great deal of time an angry person.

7:51 PM CDT  

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