Friday, August 19, 2005

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I'm back after a blissful week away. As I have been distracted and unable to concentrate, I feel like I am just getting my bearings back now. To recap: 1 week in Bar Harbor/Eastbrook, Maine with my squeeze and some friends = feeling rested, relaxed, and having gained some perspective. Fresh air, fresh water, fresh seafood, and lack of cellphone service or internet access contributes significantly to this feeling of relaxation and perspective. I feel grateful for the emotional, physical, and financial freedom to both take a vacation and return to a comfortable home and my (for now) stable job. And now I will stop listing nouns and adjectives in threes. Not that anyone cares (or even reads this), but my computer crashed and my entire hard drive was erased. Bye bye iTunes, photoshop, all of my pictures, etc. So I will post pictures later when I have the energy to reload all of the software onto my laptop.

To recap what I have been thinking about this week:

(1) Mr. Bush, why, oh why will you not listen to the American people, get off your ass, stop insulting Cindy Sheehan and any other citizen whose loved one is serving in Iraq, and at least present an even artificial front that you care and are doing something to better this country? Why must you confirm my belief that you are a heartless, selfish bastard who cares for no one else but yourself, that you lack not only the intellectual, but emotional capacity to lead this country, and at the very least, lack a key human characteristic -- the ability to truly empathize? You represent everything I detest: someone who, because he himself has never suffered, never worked a terrible job he hated, never knew someone who sacrificed him/herself to make your life better, and lacks the ability to even understand what it feels like to suffer. How dare you vacation out in the open for a month while American soldiers are dying? Of course, America is getting only what it deserves -- an unintelligent, uninformed, lazy, complacent leader to (mis)lead an unintelligent, uninformed, lazy, and complacent people.

(2) Now that I am done with races, done with vacations, and now that summer is over and January is basically here, it's time to focus on some more difficult things: my job, getting my finances and general life in order, relationships of every kind. Yet why do I feel so distracted? I don't even really know what I want. Fuck.


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