Monday, July 25, 2005

Monkey Gone to Heaven

Still...recovering...from...partial...HEATstroke from Lollapalooza yesterday. It was pretty friggin' awesome, but the word "HOT" does not justifiably describe what it felt like. A fan of the outdoors during bouts of extreme hot weather I am not, but for good music and a potentially once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (hours of great music against the beautiful skyline in Grant Park), I'm willing to suck it up. Ooh, look mom -- a run-on sentence! I'm glad I took that opportunity, but I doubt I could do it again. I'm getting old!

In short, I LOVED the Pixies, being the late-blooming fan I am, as well as the Arcade Fire, Spoon, and the Killers. I also enjoyed an entertaining show by International Noise Conspiracy, even though I don't know a single one of their songs. Weezer and Death Cab for Cutie were good too, but because they both closed each night, I had officially run out of steam and thoughts of a cool shower and a cool, comfortable, air-conditioned home (and bed with freshly laundered sheets) dominated my mind and outweighed my interest in the music. I admit it: I'm a wuss. Anyway what have we learned about ourselves? I heart the Pixies and I cannot tolerate hot weather very well.

After a week of not working out and eating like shit, it's time to get back on (or off) the wagon. I just feel gross, and I definitely don't want to look how I feel. Back to LPAC and the bike path, here I come. Also, if I'm truly going to do Lake Geneva, I can't get all lazy and undisciplined. I realized too I will have to figure out a way to somehow get exercise in Maine -- either hiking or going for runs would be ideal.

Damn work, now getting in the way of my life. Why is it that every single one of my cases rears its ugly head at the exact same time!? I have a house to decorate and depressing thoughts to contemplate, people! Instead, it's "joint and several liability" THIS and "Illinois Securities Law" THAT, and Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 sleep inducement. GOD, law is boring. Sing on, Mr. Grieves.


Blogger skitbraviking said...

Now all you have to do is figure out how to work in lines by the Pixies into your briefs. That will make law a whole lots more palatable!

10:55 PM CDT  

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