Saturday, November 19, 2005

A Few Things

Short and sweet, a few things I have realized in the last year or so:

(1) I am not a good cook. Try as I might, it just does not come naturally to me.

(2) My friends are important to me. I try to be as good a friend as possible and expect the same in return. But I make adjustments and am harder on some friends than others, and I don't know why that is.

(3) I watch more TV than I am willing to admit. I try to justify it by maintaining that I watch movies on TV more than actual TV shows, and I don't really watch popular shows or network TV. I still refuse Tivo out of principle. But TV is TV, and it kills my brain cells.

(4) Exercising is a form of therapy for me. If I don't exercise, I go nuts. I truly hope I can keep it up for the rest of my life.

(5) Sometimes I really would like to go to a bar by myself and sit at the bar and drink a scotch and just ponder. For some reason, it's OK to sit at a bar while waiting for a friend, which is what I did the other night, which is as close to going to a bar alone that I have come. But there is something more meaningful about going to a bar for the purpose of going to hang out by yourself and enjoy a good drink. But I worry about creepy guys thinking that they can talk to me because I am a woman sitting at a bar by myself. I worry too much. That's another thing I've realized, but I'm trying to keep this at 5. I can't wait until I stop giving a goddamn shit.


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