Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Not-So-Bad Place

OK folks, we're now entering what I call the not-so-bad place. It's the place I go (namely, here) to find little distractions from having to write boring ass briefs. Boring ass motions to dismiss boring claims for boring breach of contract and other boring, boring stuff. Nights like this make me laugh when I see pictures as the one I saw this morning on the el, where Kaplan advertises. The picture is of a racially ambiguous, diligent-looking young woman (wearing glasses, of course -- "She is NOT a sexual object! I repeat, NOT a sexual object!!") poring over law books next to a sculpture of the scales of justice and rows and rows of official-looking, embossed statute and case books in her professional black suit. Under the picture, a caption, "Make your dreams of a legal career come true." HA! Of course, under the picture sat a disheveled man who appeared to be in his early to mid-forties but was probably actually in his mid-thirties and had prematurely aged due to his career and what not. The man was wearing a rumpled shirt and dress pants and shoes, and was fast asleep. Given the hour, his attire, and his legal attache-like briefcase, I can only guess he is an overworked attorney for some small to midsize insurance firm doing endless amounts of dull, rote work. I wish I had a camera (and talent to capture the image).

This should not be mistaken for complaining; despite my bitching I rather enjoy the career I have chosen. I just find images like that, as well as TV crime-dramas depicting attractive young men and women giving opening statements, running their own cases, and having exciting sex lives, amusing.

And YES, I am writing about this shallow subject to avoid writing about more philosophically or intellectually challenging subjects for fear of exposure. Of course, there is also John Roberts, Hurricane Katrina, the Iraq War, 2006 congressional campaigns, life, death, and love to write about. Here's my mantra -- I will write about it later!


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