Friday, November 25, 2005

People Suck

Today, after lunch with a friend and some light shopping, I was all prepared to spend a couple of hours decorating my Christmas tree, listening to "A Charlie Brown Christmas," drinking eggnog, putting up my Christmas decorations, and basking in general yuletide cheer. But alas, that will not occur. Some JACKASS STOLE my Christmas tree out of my mutherfuckin' storage locker. Who does that?!?! (yes, I should have locked it, and yes, that shows a sad and uncharacteristic naivete on my part). But REALLY, PEOPLE?! You have to STEAL a Christmas tree out of a condo building storage area!?! Fucker.

Now I have to slog to Target again to buy another tree and a STRONGER MUTHERFUCKIN' LOCK.

Merry Christmas.


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