Thursday, December 08, 2005


OK, I'm trying something new. Back to a.m. songs in my head, here's one:

It's actually Strange, by Built to Spill, from Ancient Melodies of the Future

Let's see if that worked.

OK, I checked -hurray, it worked! I don't like the shameless advertising to Amazon, especially given that Amazon is a red company (BLEAH). But still, it makes it more interesting to the one person who reads this blog besides me (thanks, Jess). I am clearly the biggest geek among my circle of friends. Unless any of you Q&C people are reading this, which I highly doubt.

One thing. John Kerry, stop. Please, stop. Go back to being the junior senator from Massachusetts. Seriously. We gave you our all and you lost, and now we are tired of you.

So Built to Spill was in my head this morning, which is odd because lately I've been inundating myself with Christmas music. These days, there is too much music that makes me sad, but Christmas music always gives me that warm feeling. And snow, look at that marvelous snow! Well you can't really see it now because it's too dark, but earlier it was beautiful. But sad, too. Maybe I'm just sad.


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