Monday, February 20, 2006

The (Dis)Honesty In People

Dammit, people. Why must you lie? Do you realize you harm innocent people (innocent, not blameless) because you are too unsure of yourself to be true to both yourself and to them? Why lie? Is the expectation of honesty and decency -- particularly from those purportedly close to us and in whom we TRUST -- too much to ask? It's enough that people make choices that hurt themselves. But when they USE others and bring them down with them because they are either too weak or too afraid or too much in denial to be HONEST, that is unforgiveable. Ugh. I am just fed up. FED UP.

Of course, resolution and peace and closure are things that only I can control. I cannot rely on others for these things, particularly when they have demonstrated an inability or an unwillingness to offer them. So, I will try to channel my anger toward more constructive ends. I will insist on being honest. I will insist on being true to myself. I will insist on being strong. I will be grateful for those dear family and friends in my life that set the standard, whether by being honest to a spouse or a friend or a waitress or an insurance company. And I will be sure that in the future, I do not impute the kind of trustworthiness that others have demonstrated to those who do not deserve it.


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