Saturday, December 31, 2005

H-H-H Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone. May it bring better things for all of us, and may those of us who are happy stay happy, dammit. My resolution -- stop thinking, and just do! No more obsessing about everything. Enjoy life when I am happy instead of worrying about when the source of my happiness will be yanked, because no matter what one does, you can't protect yourself from being hurt or sad. And why would you want to? Anyway, my happiness needs to come from within. Awwwww....

I'm fresh out of thoughts, so here are some pictures.

Insert cheesy cliche about the innocence of children, or just bask in the insane cuteness of this kid. Look at that face. Seriously. Look at that face.

Happy 30th Birthday, Jess!

This picture is jacked, but I still like it because we look happy, and the balloon is kind of cool.


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