Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Little Break

Currently reading: Amsterdam, Ian McEwan

I have nothing of note to say. I just need a break from reading these goddamn cases all day long. Damn you, Cingular Wireless and your $150 early termination fee and your unconscionable arbitration agreement! Damn you federal policy favoring arbitration! Damn you all!

So after resisting and complaining about and mocking anyone who watches them, I've succumbed to a reality show, and I am only disappointed that I did not catch it earlier. I resisted, and I avoided, and I mocked, I ridiculed, and yet Bravo and its innovative, targeted television programming caught me in its web. I am talking about Top Chef. Scoff all you want, people, but this show captures the hyper-competitiveness, the bitchiness, the deliciousness, and the excitement of the high-end restaurant world. The drama! It also allows those of us in boring office jobs to fantasize about a career in the culinary arts or design or something equally as creative or interesting and that can evoke "oohs, "aahs," and feigned attempts to relate during cocktail parties -- when in reality, careers in these fields are likely not nearly as sexy or exciting as we would like to believe. Still though, there is a reason why there is no "Top Lawyer," "Top Management Consultant, or "Top Category Brand Marketing Manager."

Anyway, Wednesdays at 9 CST, people. There are only 3 episodes left, but they are taking applications for Season 2 AS WE SPEAK. So sign up here. Or, go to an open casting call here in Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, LA, or NYC. Come on, do it!


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