Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some Observations

So no ideas on who "Roy Spivey" is? I suppose I should stop kidding myself by assuming anyone actually reads this. Care.

-- I loathe lowest common denominator CNN-type stories regarding missing blonde teenage girls, missing suburban moms, and the passenger with TB who got on a plane, but after I read what felt like the 10th headline about the "TB lawyer" or "Lawyer with TB," it finally got to me. If this guy was not a lawyer, would he be identified in the media by his profession? Let me cut to the chase -- what burns me is that the propensity to identify TB guy as Lawyer TB guy is a subtle reference to the popular opinion that lawyers are evil, selfish, disgusting people and that this bastard who apparently got on a plane of people when he knew he had a highly communicable and drug-resistant strain of TB only confirms that all lawyers are indeed evil, selfish, disgusting people. I can just hear the cocktail party/water cooler/train conversation -- "OF COURSE he was a lawyer!" "Fitting!" "Bunch of disgusting bottom feeders."

-- Yes, most lawyers are asshole-ish, immoral, smarmy rodentia, but I bristle at people who just make that blanket assumption of lawyers, particularly because most people who do make these kinds of blanket assumptions do not know or have had experience with a single lawyer. This comes after years of people meeting me at parties, finding out what I do, then immediately saying something with obvious disgust like, "You're not one of those plaintiff's lawyers, ARE YOU?" What if I am, douchebag? The next time some corporation or insurance company fucks you over or some doctor amputates the wrong leg or fails to diagnose you or your loved one for cancer, or your kid is born with multiple birth defects because the anesthesiologist was fucking some nurse when he was paged, don't come crying to me. Yeah, the legal system sucks, it's annoying, lawyers are annoying, most are douchebags, but it's as good a system as there is. Parties pay for their own fees, and most of the time the system will eventually weed out the bullshit lawsuits or meritless claims. The corporate lobby, whose client's legal fees pale in comparison to what their executives get paid in a year, is far more powerful than the trial lawyer's lobby.

-- My el stop is closing for A YEAR. Are you kidding me? This is definitely one of the most popular stops on this line. There is no fucking way it will take A YEAR to finish construction. How come this doesn't happen in New York or Paris or Seoul? ARGH!

-- I was out this past weekend, and upon reviewing the receipt I received from a bar (all right, it was Schuba's), I discovered that they upcharged me for ordering something on the rocks. WHAT?! An upcharge for ICE?! WHAT?! Yes, it was $.50 but that is an absolute OUTRAGE. Are you fucking kidding me? Your shitty-ass booze is being watered down by ICE and you CHARGE ME for it? Had I realized it at the time (okay, I was drunk), I would have REFUSED to pay it. I actually called them the next day to bitch them out about it, but no one answered and I stopped caring (sort of). To the extent that I have any say in it, I am never going there again, and you shouldn't either, nonexistent reader! Fucking upcharge for ICE?! WE'RE LIVING IN A SOCIETY!

-- Finger update (because you care): there is no doubt that I should have gone to the ER when this happened. Over a week later, my index finger is still swollen, I really can't bend it, and the cut on my middle finger is still open. SMART. Is stupidity one of the 7 deadly sins? IT SHOULD BE.

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