Thursday, August 03, 2006

Random Thoughts

-- If I hear one more goddamn Republican deny the existence of "climate change" (it's GLOBAL WARMING) I am going to puke.

-- The mind is a funny thing. I think our brains know better than we do what we can and cannot handle before losing our marbles, and operates independently from us and our conscious thoughts. In other words, it sets up many walls to protect our psyches from dealing with traumatizing events, letting down those walls only when it thinks we can handle it. We react in differing ways (denial, alcohol, overworking, working out, and leaning on friends being some of these ways) but ultimately we are forced to deal with reality and are better and stronger people for it in the end. Of course, if I start discussing the difference between "our brains" and "us" I'm going to get confused real fast. Anyone with a psychology degree care to chime in?

-- I f-ing HATE Angela from Project Runway. I HATE Macy's even more than before for selling her stupid design. F&*! Macy's. I want Kayne, Robert, Laura, and Michael to win in a four-way tie. I heart Bravo.

-- The Sartorialist is coming to Chicago! My goal is to get photographed this weekend. If only I was a 90-pound wisp of a woman. Still, I will have to choose my outfits carefully - the key is style.

-- I'm learning more and more that things are never really as they seem. We can trick ourselves into believing anything, but ultimately, logic and reason are the only things that can be trusted.

-- I found a new store that I love. Penelope's, in Wicker Park. Check it out. Unique, pretty, individualist designers and not completely over-the-top expensive.

-- I haven't worked out consistently since I got back from New York. I'm partially disgusted with myself, and I partially don't GAGS (Give A Goddamn Shit). I need a break. Good thing I'm not racing this summer, but I've been enjoying staying up late, going out all the time, and sleeping in. Dancing burns calories, right? I'll get back in the groove soon.

-- I'm trying to figure out a way to afford a new car, especially because my beloved Civic is on its last legs. I don't want to jinx it, but I think my next car will be a 2006 Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible. I mean, how awesome is this car? IF I can afford it.

-- On that note, being an adult kind of sucks. It means getting your car fixed without getting ripped off, dropping $$$ on boring things like a new hot water heater, home repairs in general, haggling with contractors, and setting and accomplishing goals. BLEACH.

-- J. and I are going to South Beach, Miami in two weeks, and I'm so excited! I guess I really will have to get back to my workout schedule because apparently, South Beach is populated mostly with fashion models, actresses, and heiresses. I know, beauty is only skin deep, be happy with who you are inside, yadda yadda. Yeah, fuck that shit. I need to look good in my bikini!

-- Things I love right now: Central air conditioning, my Teva flip flops, Cibelle and Astrud Gilberto, Kerastase hair products, my new Trina Turk pants, pinot grigio, Wikipedia, grape tomatoes and basil, Trader Joe's sparkling grapefruit soda.

-- Things I hate: Cowards. Liars. That 80s fashion is coming back. Hipsters. Gaucho pants. Blowdrying my hair, especially in this heat. Lawyers. Mediocrity.


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