Friday, October 26, 2007

The Middle Road

The weather in Chicago has finally changed to the crispy, bright, sunny condition that evokes the atmosphere and feeling peculiarly specific to fall. I love it. I have to confess I'm in an uncharacteristically content and dare I say happy mood as I write this. That's due to things with family and friends going relatively well, a friend whom I thought was mad at me not being mad at me after all (and lesson learned -- JUST ASK), and us having won -- WON -- our big case earlier this week.

This is my blog so I get to bore (myself) with the details of our win. I'm going to first highlight some of my favorite statements from the court during the hearing:

-- Defendant has dug himself a hole in this litigation with his conduct.
-- Defendant is not entitled to any benefit of the doubt from this Court.
-- I don't care if you bring him here for a hearing, I wouldn't believe anything he says.
-- [Defense counsel] has done a good job representing your client with a straight face.
-- Your client has forfeited the right to even RAISE the argument that he will suffer harm if I enter this injunction.
-- More than a reasonable likelihood of success, quite frankly, this case is a slam dunk for the plaintiff.

WHOO! I'm still kind of on a high from the ruling. What a fucking AWESOME victory. Seriously. This fucking case has been such a roller coaster for me and it sounds so cheesy but after I took it in the ass from the magistrate and we made our client cry, I totally lost whatever faith I had in the "system" (and I'm well aware of the fact that my grizzled, cynical view of "the system" is based on a short 5 years of practice and I'm in no position to even have a belief or non-belief in the system). In less than a month we completely turned the case around and got the precise relief we needed at the exact right time. I could hear the client smiling on the phone every time I talked to her. What does this mean if the judge didn't go our way? Not much, because it's not like I'm Sally "justice prevails, the right side always wins." I just have to hope that if you do your best, do the right thing, and don't give up, there is at least a chance the right side will win. Aw, how after-school-special.

Of course, Negative Nancy over here could only focus on how I fucked up the hearing, b/c quite frankly I was focusing on not strangling my boss more than anything else while we waited, and when we stepped up I got the "Well, it's your motion, counsel." UM, UH, LET'S SEE, WHY ARE WE HERE AGAIN? WHO AM I? I was not really prepared to go into a whole thing, and my mind went completely blank and I rambled for about 30 seconds before I found some footing. It's always fun to know that every single word you say is being transcribed and will be provided to the client. And then when I thought I'd said everything, I got, "Is that all you want to say?" from the Court and then eventually my favorite, "No, I'm not going to let you say one more thing. I'm on your side." (In other words, SHUT THE FUCK UP).

I also couldn't help sticking it to that lying, motherfucking, douchebag, SHORT loser of an opposing counsel by calling him out on one of the many lies he said during court after we KICKED HIS ASS. What a fucking douche. I will capitalize on the fact that I am a young woman by sticking it to motherfuckers who underestimate me and try to get away with shit, esp. when said motherfuckers are douches whom I wouldn't accept a drink from at a bar. Arrogant and silly, yes. But one day when I'm old and wrinkled I'd like to say I used my youth and attractiveness to my advantage, even if it was to pump myself up before sticking it to a motherfucker.

Wow, that sounded a little after-school-special, too. Well, maybe more Oxygen Network than after-school-special.

On another note, someone with whom I became close friends has decided to act as if I no longer exist, something that I have the pleasure of experiencing on nearly a daily basis. I think I know the reason, and I guess I can understand, but it's really a bummer, kind of disappointing, and beneath him. It just sucks. People always surprise and exceed expectations, but they also disappoint. I guess the goal is to not let them influence expectations in either direction. Hence -- the middle road.

I'm about to go have lunch with an old college friend I haven't seen in years. I'm bracing myself for the whole, "No I don't go to church because religion is for dumb people" conversation. It will be nice to see him nonetheless. I'm ever-so-suspicious that being 5 years into marriage and with wife pregnant, he's a little dark.


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