Monday, August 06, 2007

West End Girls

Nothing to the title other than that's what I'm listening to right now. Oh yes, the creative juices are flowing.

Am I drafting my reply brief? No, I am not. Instead, I'm procrastinating here.

I went to Lollapalooza for what I think will be the last time. It was fun, no doubt about that, but I think the defining moment for me is when S and I were crammed nearly in the front row at Interpol and looked around us to see a sea (see a sea, see a sea) of braces and pimples. The concert was fucking awesome, but our experience was nearly ruined by the body-surfing, the "I want people to think I am a punk rock chick -- see, look at my streaky hair -- who really gets into music and therefore dances uncontrollably" girls (of course they were girls) who kept shoving into us, and just plain idiocy. Oh, how I loathe humanity. And an outdoor music FEST is ground zero for masses of sweaty, unwashed humanity. Well and then of course we were commenting about how these idiot kids can't even appreciate Interpol's darkness. OLD.

It was fucking awesome though. The fact that it was raining and kind of cold made it even more awesome. Interpol in the cold, rainy darkness = fucking cool. And I will reiterate previous statements that talented, dark musicians from New York must have no problems getting laid, because, I mean.

I'm so pissed that Daft Punk didn't play Digital Love though. That's 80% of the reason I went! One of the best songs ever. Still, pretty fucking cool.

My current food obsession is prosciutto e melone. Holy shit. A pork or beef girl I'm not, but for some reason the salty prosciutto and sweet melon, accompanied with a glass (or 2, who am I kidding) of dry white wine is the perfect, perfect summer combination.

On another note, a friend of mine recently told me that she split up with her husband of less than a year. Setting aside for a moment the fact that my respect for her shot up exponentially, and that what she's done takes an incredible amount of courage, strength, and self-awareness, I'm really beginning to wonder if it's possible to be and remain happily married. Christ. I've seen at least five marriages fall apart in the last year or so, and suspect that several others are suffering in grin-and-bear-it (or look the other way when you know your partner is cheating) silence. Am I just reaching that point in my life where people start splitting up? Shit, not that I was all optimistic-cheery-things-always-work-out-true-love-is-everlasting, but I'm really beginning to question the viability of any kind of long term domestic relationship. Even people who wait longer, even people who go into it with their eyes seemingly open, get blindsided. Though I do have to say that the one common underlying theme is that most of the relationships began when either or both parties was young and didn't really know themselves, much less each other. It seems you really kind of have been fucked over once and know yourself and know adversity and know that long term partnership is exactly what you want -- not what will make your partner happy -- before you begin such a partnership. You also have to know exactly what you're getting into when you start having kids, or FUCK.


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