Monday, November 12, 2007

More Favorite Things

Still working on the manifesto. . . .

Easier is a "what have I been digging lately" post:

-- Hannah's Bretzel. Expensive yes, but also organic, healthy, comes with friendly service, fresh breads and the most delicious, vibrant vegetables available in the Loop. Where else can you get fresh arugula and fennel on your sandwich?

-- The Violet Hour. I've rambled enough about this place. I just heart it so very much, though I got the slightest amount of 'tude last weekend. I seriously can't handle other bars anymore, as they usually come with the smoke n' rube combo.

-- The Pittsburgh Steelers, who yesterday helped me nearly clinch my office football pool!

-- Bladerunner: The Final Cut. Holy shit, is this a classic. I've only seen it a few times, but honestly, you can really see that almost every sci-fi movie, from Terminator to Minority Report to Gattaca to 12 Monkeys to Seven, just to name a few, were all influenced by this movie. It is a piece of art. I only wish I could go back to 1982 and experience it for the first time so I could really appreciate how innovative it was.

-- Almonds, peanut butter, and Stonyfield Farm organic lowfat yogurt. Obsessed.

-- Bordeaux white wines. They are crisp, tangy, and fresh, but not overly sweet as sauvignon blanc can sometimes be. I'm sad that it's coming close to retiring white wine for the season.

-- 30 Rock. I generally can't really focus or care to watch network TV, but this shit is so fucking funny. Alec Baldwin plays a combination of his character from Glengarry Glen Ross and the Republican you feel guilty loving.

-- Nordstrom. Specifically, Linea Paolo shoes, Trina Turk clothes, and DKNY hosiery. And the fact that it has not yet decorated for Christmas.


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